Donald Trump’s Kryptonite: A Bernie Sanders Nomination


If Sanders wants to defeat Hillary Clinton he has to change voter’s minds when it comes to electability. This idea that somehow Sanders is less electable than Clinton is a myth constructed and distributed through the corporate media. The media has a done an extraordinary job in convincing voters that a Clinton presidency is inevitable. When it comes to Democratic voters, Sanders is just as favorable as Clinton (both around 80 favorability). Unfortunately, voters seem to be under the impression that Clinton has a better chance against the Republicans in the general election. In a national poll of Democratic voters contemplating which candidate had a better chance of defeating the Republicans, 38 percent more chose Clinton over Sanders. This could very well cause the Democrats the white house.

I don’t blame the voters. The media alongside with the DNC has convinced voters of Clinton’s inevitability even when polls show that Sanders is more electable. The Sanders campaign is fighting to change this narrative and I believe that they will eventually succeed. The great thing about Sanders is that he has cross-party appeal. Throughout his career he has brought both sides of the spectrum together to fight for ordinary people. A new poll found that Independents favor Sanders over Clinton by huge margins when it comes to honesty and policy. This is why a poll came out saying that Sanders would wipe the floor against Donald Trump by 14 points in a hypothetical general election.Clinton versus Trump is much closer; hovering around a 4-6 percent lead for Clinton


Every moderate Republican keeps saying that Trump won’t win and that there’s still a lot of time left. Here’s the sad reality: he is going to win the Republican nomination. He has captured such a fervent following and hasn’t spent a cent on campaign advertising yet. He has been on top of the polls for months now and has dominated the media. I’m sorry moderate and sane Republicans, but Donald Trump has hijacked your party. Hillary Clinton will be able to beat Trump easily right? She has the experience and the debate skills right? She has no baggage that could possibly cause her damage right?…Right?!

No. If Clinton is on the debate stage against Donald Trump I promise you that he will rip her apart. Trump will say she’s a lying politician who has changed positions constantly. He will slam her for accepting campaign contributions and being just another corrupt politician. He will also demonize her and the Democratic party for treating Bernie unfairly with the data scandal. The problem with Clinton is that she has changed her positions many times and she does accept money from corporations and moneyed interests. She is viewed unfavorably by 52 percent of Americans and is associated with dishonesty by 57 percent of Americans. This petrifies me and only makes me realize more and more why Bernie is truly our only hope against the insidious Donald Trump.

Sanders Favorablilty

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who can effectively dismantle Donald Trump on the debate stage. Because Sanders isn’t associated with the establishment, he is almost invincible to any attacks. The only way Trump could attack Sanders would be to call him a socialist/communist. This might have some traction due to the fact that so many voters are scared of the scary S word. However, Sanders has such an incredible record of consistency and has been on the right side of history on every issue. Clinton, on the other hand, has not. She has supported deregulation of Wall Street, TPP, Keystone Pipeline, and DOMA. She has flip flopped on these issues like every other politician and Trump would easily expose this. Sanders has something that can not be matched: integrity.

I beg of the Democrats to get their heads out of their asses and realize that Clinton is a name of the past. It isn’t her time. She has too much baggage; the email “scandal”, flip-flopping, an association with Wall Street, and a massive problem with trustworthiness. Voters don’t want another Clinton, they want real change. A Clinton nomination could be a huge blow to the Progressive Movement.




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